Online Therapy

We offer online individual, and family therapy sessions for children, adolescents, and emerging adults with OCD, anxiety, and related disorders.

How we treat

Treatments Offered

Our online therapy sessions include a variety of evidence-based treatment modalities. Click the images to learn more.

Why Work with Us?

Working with us ensures you access to the most up-to-date, evidence-based treatment. We offer a compassionate, strengths-based approach to working with children, adolescents, and emerging adults diagnosed with OCD, anxiety, and related disorders. We understand how the symptoms of those conditions affect not only our clients but also their family systems, so we believe that being holistic is a key to successful treatment. Our goal is to not only facilitate healing, but to also empower.

If you live in California, Arizona, Colorado, or Wyoming, we provide online therapy in those states, as well as internationally, in any country other than Canada. Online therapy is an effective form of treatment and is also quite convenient. Meeting virtually opens up more scheduling options and saves time that could be better spent than driving to and from an office and looking for parking. Best of all, our clients are able to access treatment from the comfort of their own homes, where they feel safe and at ease.

You are not alone. We are here to help.