Consultation Services

Need consultation support?

We are happy to offer consultation services at the Collective. We provide consultation to practitioners who are seeking guidance about their work with children and adolescents. Working with young people can be rewarding but also challenging. When providing services to children and adolescents, it is incredibly useful to possess an understanding of developmental norms, deviations from those norms, and developmental theories and their application, particularly those related to attachment and family systems. We are well versed on those subjects and offer expert consultation about development and parenting. Professional consultation generally includes providing education about our treatment specialties and the conditions we treat, offering guidance on how to work with and support children and adolescents diagnosed with those conditions, their parents, and others close to them, and sharing relevant resources.

We also offer consultation services to parents, guardians, and caregivers. OCD, anxiety, and related disorders hijack the person experiencing them, and they also hijack family systems. Parents, siblings, other family members, and caregivers may be negatively affected by the symptoms of the family member diagnosed with OCD, an OC spectrum disorder, an anxiety disorder, or a BFRB. Often, parents and others who care for children with the described disorders feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to help. Daily routines, such as getting ready for school and going to bed, can become plagued by rituals and upset, which is incredibly stressful. Behavioral problems, including tantruming beyond the age when it is developmentally appropriate, are not uncommon among children and even adolescents diagnosed with OCD, anxiety, and related disorders. We are well versed in how to help parents and others who are grappling with such behavioral difficulties. Consultation involves psychoeducation about the diagnosis and related issues, parenting training, and offering resources. 

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