Frequently Asked Questions

We do not take insurance nor do we enter into single case agreements, so we are considered out of network providers. We do provide monthly Superbills, and all of the information needed for reimbursement is included on every Superbill. We cannot guarantee that you will receive any reimbursement. We encourage you to contact your insurance company directly, in order to ascertain whether or not they will offer reimbursement for out of network online therapy.

We do not have an NPI number, but please note that insurance providers do not need an NPI number to reimburse for services provided. 

Although some CBT therapists suggest that treatment will last for about 4 to 6 months, we are hesitant to offer such a range. Each client is different, and a variety of factors work together to determine how long treatment will last for individual clients. Those factors include, but are not limited to, severity of symptoms, level of engagement in the treatment process, parental involvement in treatment, and the existence of co-morbid disorders. Keep in mind that CBT is a time-limited treatment and is not open ended. Once clients have met their goals in terms of symptom reduction, they terminate treatment. Generally speaking, children and adolescents do tend to shed symptoms and move through the treatment protocol more quickly than do adults. 

Each state has different laws regulating whether or not clinical social workers licensed in California are allowed to cross their state lines to practice online therapy. We can treat clients who live anywhere in California. We are allowed to cross state lines to treat clients in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, and Wyoming, although the number of days we may do so yearly in each of those states is limited and varies by state. We are also able to treat clients internationally, in any country other than Canada.

OCD, anxiety, and related disorders are not considered to be curable disorders. That being said, OCD, anxiety, and related disorders are highly treatable, and early intervention can teach children and adolescents with OCD, anxiety, and related disorders skills that will help them to manage their symptoms, become asymptomatic, and stay that way. 

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Cancelling a scheduled session with less than 24-hour notice or missing a session without notice will result in being charged your therapist’s full fee for that session, unless it was due to an emergency. This policy allows us time to schedule another client during the cancelled session’s time slot. 

Emerging adults are individuals who are in transition between adolescence and adulthood and have not yet taken on adult roles. Emerging adults are generally between the ages of 18 to 21. Emerging adults seeking treatment will have to contact us on their own, as they are considered legal adults who are entitled to privacy regarding protected health information. Parents who contact us about their children who are aged 18 and older will be asked to have their children contact us themselves. 

We are here to help. Reach out to get started.